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The Chalmers & Kubeck product family includes the MOD 2000™ controller device that takes analog modulation to a whole new level. In fact, MOD 2000™ is the most technologically-advanced analog modulating device when it comes to effectively combining solid state electronics with variable frequency drive (VFD) technology. This remarkable device is capable of providing pinpoint positioning in direct proportion to the error signal by frequency ramp and reduction, and without over-travel. The device uses innovative close-and-re-establish positioning technology to re-establish the deadband in direct proportion around the last position demand.

Key MOD 2000™ Features and Benefits

MOD 2000™ offers a host of user-friendly features and benefits:

  • Experience uncanny 0.5 percent accuracy that offers tighter process control to keep production times – and costs – to a minimum.
  • Enjoy a simplified installation process that works equally well for new installations and shop or field retrofits. C & K provides complete technical support during the installation, including having our highly skilled field technicians come to your job site to perform the installation for you if needed.
  • MOD 2000™ gives you the ability to eliminate previous actuation technologies, resulting in standardization on one electronic analog positioner. This also results in the need to carry fewer spare parts and greatly simplifies the process of training your technicians.
  • You’ll be able to replace obsolete technologies or those with lengthy deliveries.
  • MOD 2000™ offers significantly greater reliability, as the 3-phase motor prevents the need for start relays and capacitors. You’ll get the benefit of increased mean time between failures.
  • MOD 2000™ is fully capable of functioning with AC or DC motors, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the actuator motor when retrofitting.
  • Enjoy the increased flexibility that enables you to easily conform with existing process or safety requirements.
  • Experience enhanced actuator trouble-shooting capabilities provided by the built-in monitor relays.
  • MOD 2000™ gives you precise actuator position feedback provided by the built in 4-20 mA output.
  • The device has been designed to replace previous Limitorque® Modutronic® products, eliminating concerns over board rebuilding and continued reliance on outdated technologies.
  • MOD 2000™ is typically available for immediate shipment, so you won’t have to wait to take advantage of the value it will provide to your company.
  • MOD 2000™ provides superior transient protection on existing line voltages and signals.

Contact C & K to Learn More About the Numerous MOD 2000™ Benefits

Chalmers & Kubeck has been setting the industry standard since 1950. In addition to offering technologically superior and cost-effective products, we provide around-the-clock service to our customers to help eliminate costly down time should a problem occur. Contact us to learn more about how MOD 2000™ can increase the operating efficiency of your business.

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