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Flotite ValvesFlo-Tite and Chalmers & Kubeck provide a standard of engineering excellence to the process market with proven success in some of the most hostile conditions known to the industry. “Service is getting it right the first time. And should a problem occur, fix it!” It is helping customers resolve their problems efficiently. It is making commitments and keeping them. It’s paying attention to details during order entry, assembly, testing and shipping. Service is the most important thing we provide!
All Flo-Tite Valves:

  • Allow the customer the greatest flexibility of multiple applications from a single product (all inclusive basic models).
  • Increase interchangeability while reducing the amount of components and allied accessories permitting the customer to minimize inventories and positively affect their flexibility and bottom line.
  • Are subject to continual improvement of the quality, efficiency and safety
  • Are innovative while maintaining compatibility with customer’s system.

Flo-Tite’s Quarter Turn Solution to Control Valves

Control valves are considered the most important element in the control loop. For many years, the common globe valve was the traditional control element in the process industry. However, these valves have many drawbacks along with their fine qualities as control valves. Many important features like shutoff capability, flow capacity, dynamic stability, operating forces, stem leakage, handling of dirty fluid, weight and bulkiness as well as maintenance and cost have led valve manufacturers to seek other solutions for the right valve technology.

Flo-Tite ball V-Port ball control valve has many advantages over the globe valve due to its inherent high flow capacity, floating ball design, seat wiping action and rotary stem. These together with a new seat technology and modular building of computer linked control elements give the ball valve superiority and cost effective performance in the fast growing world of modern technology.

<a href="/products/2-pc-reduced-bore-flanged-end-ball-valve">2 PC Reduced Bore Flanged End Ball Valve</a> <a href="/products/dm310-320-3-pc-direst-mount-automation-series">DM310/320 - 3 PC Direct-Mount Automation Series</a>

DM310/320 - 3 PC Direct-Mount Automation Series

Eliminates mounting brackets and all of their related problems. Designed for low profile, cost effective industrial applications.

Flotite - DM310-320 Direct-Mount Automation Series Flotite - DM310-320 Direct-Mount Automation Series (117 KB)

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<a href="/products/modulating-control-ball-valve-v-series">Modulating Control-Ball Valve - V Series</a>

Modulating Control-Ball Valve - V Series

Modulating Control Solid SS Ball Characterized V-Ball Excellent Stability with Minimum Hysteresis Higher Flow Capacities Bubble-Tight Shutoff Controllable Flow Rates

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<a href="/products/multi-port-ball-valves">MULTI-PORT BALL VALVES</a>


Class 150/300 Threaded End One Piece Ball/Stem Trunnion-Supported Actuator Mounting Pad Anti-Static Grounding Device Full Port 3/4" thru 12” Standard Bore 6” thru 12”

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<a href="/products/tri-pro-series-3-pc-high-performance-fire-safe-ball-valve">Tri-Pro Series - 3 PC High Performance Fire Safe Ball Valve</a>

Tri-Pro Series - 3 PC High Performance Fire Safe Ball Valve

Weld-in-Place Standard Protected Seat Design Two Full Contained Body Seals Cap Screw Body Assembly 17-4 PH Stem

Flotite - Tri-Pro Series 3PC High Performance Fire Safe Ball Valve Flotite - Tri-Pro Series 3PC High Performance Fire Safe Ball Valve (601 KB)

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<a href="/products/trunnion-mounted-ball-valves">TRUNNION MOUNTED BALL VALVES</a>


ANSI Class 150/300/600/900/1500 Full Port Fire Safe (API 607-4) Face to face: API 6D Flanges: ANSI B16.5 Sizes: 2" - 24" &Temperature: -20°F – 300°F Materials: A105, CF8, CF3M, LCB, LCC, et al

Flotite - Trunnion Ball Valve Flotite - Trunnion Ball Valve (151 KB)

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